About us

The Bells & Whistles Collective began in 2007, conceived as a national network of talented Musicians, Artistes, Studios & Venues so varied that bringing them together means that everything is possible.

Bells & Whistles provide the talent for Social & Corporate events and Weddings, from string quartets and Swing bands, table magicians and MCs, to photographers, DJ’s, sound & lighting professionals and catering. With our Studio Experiences we provide a wide selection of gift packages available all over the UK, including our flagship Bridal gift package, the “Song For Her”, which is unlike any of it’s kind in the World. We provide session musicians of every conceivable talent for recording or live work across the UK and Internationally. We provide bespoke Music services including Composition, Arrangement and Transposition too. Our door is open to every challenge any client might need creative help with and, thanks to our network, we can always source the solutions and guarantee the results.

We founded the Bells & Whistles Collective on the notion that connecting all these various talent pools together under one roof would ensure consistent and fair treatment of our Talent, quality organisation and care of their professional and financial needs, and capacity to provide solutions to every client, regardless of what they are looking for. This ethos has led to a happy and creative network of people who love to work with us, as well as delighted clients all over the UK who know that they can rely on Bells & Whistles to rise to the challenge, every time.

We call on all creative professionals, Artistes, Engineers, Technicians, from across the UK to contact us by email or by clicking here. Whatever you do to entertain, we want to hear from you.

If you are looking for a solution for a wedding or event of any kind, please click here to tell us all about it.

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We look forward to helping you.

Bells & Whistles Collective